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The nature of happiness

I have been quite a happy and content person for about the last months, the good thing about that: it doesn't look like it's gonna change soon!
Why? I presume there might be some people out there who care to know (if not, I don't give a damn ^,^)

Now, you all should feel as if I am making a dramatic pause, in order to increase the tension *g*

*still pausing*

Enough of the pausing (you should all be excited by now).
Well, I've met some one who makes me feel like no-one before was able to.
I couldn't really understand when people said that they didn't stop thinking about that one person, or that they don't see all the other atractive people out there. I couldn't really understand that it was possible.
But now I do understand fully what it is like.
Is it love?
I am still afraid to call it love...because that tiny little word carries so much meaning. To a certain extent I would even say it puts a kind of pressure on you.
However I enjoy myself, and it is not only because of him (his name being ''Sean'...and guess what he is Irish!)
I haven't stopped smiling for a very long time now, that is also because of my really great two friends that I found here (those two are Anna and Clara, the first one german and the second one spanish).

I certainly can say that it has been a very long time since I have been so content with everything that is going on in my life, even the school seems to work out just fine.
At that point I am ignoring the fact, that I still didn't get a letter from Cambridge, concerning my application interview.

Although I must admit that there is one little thing that is bothering me...still, I will sort that out when I'm back in Germany (hopefully)

Well, that's it for now.
I do hope that someone who reads this will comment...I haven't gotten any comment in quite a while.

Special love and hugs to all my friends!
12.12.06 18:30

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