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3 years Animexx, but my first convetion ever

So...I actually expected a bit more from yesterday, but anyway it turned out to end better than it started.

What the hell am I talking about you might want to now?

Well, on friday (yesterday ;P) I was on this convention (Mexx Sommer, for those who might want to know), anyway a guy that I met in school took me there with him.
He basically went around greeting everyone and I just followed him around like a little dog ( a thing that I can't stand, since he, most of the time, didn't even bother to introduce me to anyone).
After a while I just sat on a bench and he went of to some place, with me not knowing anyone.
Some time (maybe an hour or so) later I started talking a little bit to another guy who was sitting next to me, so this basically safed the whole event.
Thanks to him I met some really nice people that actually convinced me of maybe coming again to anonther convention.
I'll see about that, but hopefully I will manage to come to another one, before I leave and go back to Dublin.

Ok, maybe it was kind of my fault that I didn't meet some people earlier, but my problem was that everyone seemed to know each other and I just felt out of place...and I didn't dare to speak to someone.

That's all for now, folks ;P

*hops on to her brom and flies away*

15.7.06 11:29

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