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On being Single

Ok, i must admit i have been single for about two weeks now...and i'm actually rather happy about it...ok ok...i mean it was me who ended the relationship, so i should be happy.
still it doesn't stop me from looking back on it and thinking 'what if...?" however after thinking about all my 'what if's i realised that they had a lot to do with 'what if his character had been different' and that surely isn't the right thing to think, is it?
To me it just proved that our relationship wasn't working and hey, let's just look at the positive thing here.
Yesterday evening i met this incredibly hot guy and now i'm waiting to see if he will actually text me, well why shouldn't he? *g*
Never mind the past, i'm happy with the way things turned out, it was for the best and i just hope he will realize that as well in time!
Luv you all, hugs for free (just ask)
12.5.07 20:43

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