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Muse concert (and some other random stuff)

Ok, well...I haven't written in ages...but I just didn't feel like doing it.
Besides I had other stuff on my mind, like my college applications and partying ;P
The last one of course is not be as important as school, but I still enjoy doing it

Anyway, on the 3. November I was at the MUSE Concert in Dublin, at the point theatre, it was absloutly brilliant.
It was definitley worth every single euro (48 euro by the way ^^)
Me and Clara we managed to get in to the front row, because I talked to the security people, so they let us go to the very front...well it was because I got nearly squashed at the barrier at I looked pleadingly at the security guy to take me out and he did it ^^
Great, we could basically touch Matthew Bellamy, this was the best thing that happend to me up to now...of course if I would get invited to an interview to Cambridge that would be even better.

Hm...what else could I write...I guess nothing much, except that I'll be coming back home for christmas, but I won't stay long, 'cause me and my family we are going skiing (for me it would be snowbarding).

Any comments on Muse or the concert are welcome, they can be in German, I don't mind, French is also accepted :P

Love you all, I really do hope that I get some kind of response!
14.11.06 18:32

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(1.7.09 23:55)
ein super babe,i love your lovely look

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