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No, actually not.
At the moment I'm rather happy, maybe because I talked to my two really good friends on the phone. Yesterday I talked to my best friend for like three hours, it was absolutley great...we made all those plans for the summer and talked about everything and everyone. And guess what, if he finds the money he might even come over to see me ^,^
It will be brilliant!

Anyway...what else have I bee doing? Not much I guess, apart from the usual stuff (studying, less than I should, going out with anna and clara, trying to see my boyfriend as often as i would like the way, it's not really working out...i just decided to blame the school and society ;p)

Still I'm really happy to have him ^.^
Ok, I have to admit that it's not always perfect or the way I would like it to be, but I guess that's normal...still it's something that I would have to get used to (for this I'm blaming the perfectionist in me)

Ah well, that's about it from me...this week-end I'm going to watch my freidn get drunk, while I'm going to take as many pictures as possible :D

Love and Hugs to everyone who cares!
15.3.07 17:39

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