Life gave us choises, I choose to be happy.
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I am

Confused? Don't know...difficult to say how I feel, changed quite a lot over the past few days. Oh, by the way, right now I'm listening to a great feel-good song, 'Die Happy- I am' that's why I this entry will have the titel 'I am'

Might be wonderig why suddenly I'm writing in english?
No idea ^.^'
Better not ask me why ;D

Well, as one can probably tell right now I feel pretty good, as just yesterday I felt exactly the opposite...horrible, either I just want to be left alone or go around hugging everybody (and NO I do not have a mid-life crisis...and I am also excluding that I could be pregnant ;P )

Yeah, that's enough talk about feelings ^.^
Over the holidays I'll try and update more often, maybe I'll continue writing in english (IF anybody cares to read this and leaves me an entry in my guestbook ;P )

That's all for now, and don't forget, no matter what: THE SHOW MUST GO ON

*hops on to her broom and flies away*
7.4.06 14:47

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